Infinity Node Expired Solution

Installing “” and manual for editing sin.conf file by deleting excessively large debug.log file.

Please install this script on your running Infinity Nodes to not have the expired issue anymore!

All the current nodes must install this without restarting their nodes to not lose any payment.

  • This guide will help you install the

  • The debug.log file is deleted. The value of debug=1 in sin.conf is changed to debug=0.

  • The new file is downloaded and overwritten, if any. The Crontab entries are deleted and recreated. With the last command, the vps is restarted.

  • Please establish the vps connection with the new user you created during the initial setup.

  • Please carefully copy and paste the following commands into the terminal screen and press enter.

sudo rm .sin/debug.log
sudo sed -i 's/debug=1/debug=0/g' .sin/sin.conf
wget -O
chmod +x
crontab -r crontab -l | { cat; echo "*/5 * * * * /home/$USER/"; } | crontab -
sudo reboot